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>>The English Education System

The document below gives a résumé of the education system in England, including :

1. French equivalents for English classes (e.g. Year 3 in England = CE1 in France).

2. An explanation of the differences between private schools and state schools.

3. Information on the exams a student in England may take before leaving school.

PDF - 67.7 ko
The English Education System

You can also listen to the recorded document by clicking on the icons below :

MP3 - 1.4 Mo

MP3 - 1.8 Mo

Can you answer these questions on the document you have just heard/read ?

1. What are the two main sections called within primary school ?

2. What is the national curriculum and who plans it ?

3. What are the two important examinations taken by pupils in secondary school, and how old are they when they take these exams ?

4. What is the highest grade awarded for first set of examinations taken at secondary school level ?

To find out if your answers are correct, click on the icon below :

PDF - 40.9 ko

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