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>>Into the forest


One night I was woken up by a terrible sound.
The next morning, Dad wasn’t there. I asked Mum when he was coming back but she didn’t know.
I missed Dad.
The next day Mum asked me to take a cake to Grandma, who was poorly. I love Grandma because she always tells me fantastic stories.
“Don’t go into the forest” said Mum. “Go the long way round”.
But that day, for the first time, I chose the quick way through the forest because I wanted to be home in case Dad came back.
After a short while I saw a boy. “Do you want to buy a cow ?” he asked.
“No,” I said (why would I want a cow !)
He said : “If I give you my cow, will you give me this sweet cake in your basket ?”
“No, it’s for my poorly grandma,” I said, and walked on.
“I’m poorly,” I heard him saying, “I’m poorly...”
Further into the forest, I met a girl with golden hair.
“What a sweet little basket,” she said. “What’s in it ?”
“A cake for my Grandma. She’s poorly.”
“I’d like a lovely cake like that,” she said.
I walked on and could hear her saying, “But it’s a lovely little cake, I’d like one like that...”
The forest was becoming darker and colder, and I saw two children near a fire.
The boy asked “Have you seen our dad and mum ?”.
I answered : “No, have you lost them ?”
“They’re cutting wood in the forest somewhere but I wish they’d come back” said the girl.
As I walked on I could still hear the girl crying, but what could I do ?
I was getting very cold and wished I had a coat. Suddenly I saw one. It was nice and warm, but when I put it on I felt that something was following me and began to feel scared.
I remembered a story that Grandma used to tell me about a bad wolf. I started to run, but I couldn’t find the way. I ran and ran, deeper into the forest, but I was lost. Where was Grandma’s house ? There it was !
I knocked on the door. “Who’s there ?” called a voice that didn’t sound like Grandma’s one.
“It’s me. I’ve brought a cake from mum.”
I pushed the door slowly.
“Come in, dear,” the strange voice called.
I was terrified. I slowly came inside. There in Grandma’s bed was...
Grandma !
She sniffed “Come here, love, how are you ?”
“I’m all right now,” I said.
Then I heard a noise behind me and turned round...
While we were eating mum’s cake, I told them everything that had happened. Then we said goodbye to Grandma and we went home. I opened the door and a voice called : “Who’s there ?”.
“It’s only us,” we said.
And Mum came out, smiling.

Adapted by Nathalie Maury and Maïka Vidalie (PE2 2005/2006)

MP3 - 2.5 Mo
Into the forest
Read by Sameena Black

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