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>>The mixed-up Chameleon

The mixed-up Chameleon by Eric Carle

On a green leaf sat a small green chameleon.
It moved onto a brown tree and turned brownish.
Then it rested on a red flower and turned reddish.
When the chameleon moved slowly across the yellow sand, it turned yellowish .You could hardly see it.
When the chameleon was warm and had something to eat, it turned sparkling green.
But when it was cold and hungry, it turned grey and dull.
When the chameleon was hungry, it sat still and waited.
Only its eyes moved-up, down sideways until it spotted a fly.
Then the chameleon’s long and sticky tongue shot out and caught the fly.
That was its life.
It was not very exciting.
But one day ... the chameleon saw a zoo !
It had never seen so many beautiful animals.
The chameleon thought :
How small I am, how slow, how weak !
I wish I could be big and white like a polar bear.
And the chameleon’s wish came true.
But was it happy ?
No !
I wish I could be handsome like a flamingo.
I wish I could be smart like a fox.
I wish I could swim like a fish.
I wish I could run like a deer.
I wish I could see things far away like a giraffe.
I wish I could hide in a shell like a turtle.
I wish I could be strong like an elephant.
I wish I could be funny like a seal.
I wish I could be like people.
Just then a fly flew by.
But the chameleon was very mixed-up.
It was a little of this and it was a little of that.
And it couldn’t catch the fly.
I wish I could be myself.
The chameleon’s wish came true.
And it caught the fly !

Adapted by Ayse Balci and Virginie Franco-Baudin (PE2 2005/2006)

MP3 - 1.8 Mo
The mixed up Chameleon
Read by Sameena Black

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