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>>The Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived with her mother in the country. Her mother had made her a beautiful red cape which she always wore, that was why she was called the Little Red Riding Hood.

One morning her mother wanted her to take a basket to her grandmother with a cake, some wine and a pot of butter. So Little Red Riding Hood put on her cloak, took up the basket and set out at once for the next village, where her grandmother lived.
On her way in a great forest she met Mr Wolf. He was hungry and had a good mind to eat her for breakfast, but he did not dare to do so because some wood-cutters were working close at hand. So, instead he spoke to her in a friendly manner.

“Good morning, Little Red Riding Hood. Where are you going so early in the day ?”
The poor child, who did not know that it was dangerous to stop and listen to Mr Wolf, answered.
“I am going to see my grandmamma. She has been ill, and I have a cake and a cordial and a little pot of butter in this basket for her”.

Does she lives far off ?” asked the wolf.
“Oh, yes” said Little Red Riding “she lives in the first house in the next village.”
“Well, I think I will go to see her too and we will see who will be the first !” said the wolf. And he ran as fast as he could.

The Little Red Riding Hood was walking slowly in the forest to pick flowers for her grandmother. Meanwhile, the wolf soon reached the grandmother’s cottage.

He knocked the door : rat-a-tat-tat. “Who is there ?”, asked a voice from inside.
“Your grand-daughter”, answered the wolf, trying to imitate Red Riding Hood’s voice, “and I have brought you cake and cordial and a pot of butter from Mamma.” The grandmother, who was in bed because she was ill, said :

“Pull the bobbin and the latch will go up.”

So the wolf opened the door and went in. He ate up the old lady very quickly. Then he got into her bed to wait for Little Red Ridding Hood.

Soon he heard a knock at the door : rat-a-tat-tat. “Who’s that ?” he asked, trying to make his voice soft and gentle. The little girl was startled when she heard the gruff voice of the wolf, but then she supposed her grandmother must have a cold which made her voice sound hoarse, so she said, “It is your grandchild, Red Riding Hood, and I have brought you a cake, and a little pot of butter and some home-made wine from my mamma.”
“Pull the bobbin and the latch will go up”, said the wolf.

So she pulled the bobbin and opened the door. When the wolf saw her come in, he drew the bed clothes well over himself and said : “Come and sit by me on the bed.”

Little Red Riding Hood was amazed to see how very different her grandmother looked in her night clothes. She exclaimed,
“Grandmamma, what great arms you have !”
“All the better to hug you my dear.”

“Grandmamma, what big ears you have !”
“All the better to hear you with my child.”

“Grandmammma, what huge eyes you have !”
“All the better to see you with my dear.”

“And grandmamma, what great teeth you have !”
“All the better to eat you with ! ” said the wolf.

And with these words, he sprang out of bed and gobbled up Little Red Riding Hood.

Adapted by Sandrine Mouilbec and Cindie Nadjar, PE2 2005/2006

Pour voir le projet :

MP3 - 4.2 Mo
Read by Sameena Black

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