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>>The Enormous Crocodile

26 juin 2006

Roald Dahl

In a big brown mud river in Africa live two crocodiles, the Enormous Crocodile and the Notsobig One. The Enormous Crocodile has secret plans and clever tricks to eat a child.
“What would you like to eat for lunch today ?” says the Notsobig One.
“I would like a nice juicy little child.” answers the Enormous Crocodile.
“Wooooow !!! You want to eat a child ??? It’s awful !”
“No ! Children are juicy and yummy. Children are bigger than fish.” says the Enormous Crocodile.

The Enormous Crocodile crosses the jungle to look for a child.
He meets Humpy-Rumpy, the Hippopotamus :
“Where are you going at this time of the day ?” says Humpy-Rumpy, the Hippopotamus.
“I have secret plans and clever tricks to eat a child.” answers the Enormous Crocodile.
“Oh, you horrid greedy grumptious brute !” cries Humpy-Rumpy, the Hippopotamus.

He continues his walk and meets Trunky, the Elephant.
“What are you doing to do ?” asks Trunky, the Elephant.
“I have secret plans and clever tricks to eat a child.” explains the Enormous Crocodile.
“Oh, you horrid hoggish croc !” cries Trunky, the Elephant.

In the same way, he meets Muggle-Wump, the Monkey and Roly-Poly, the Bird who ask him :
“What are you doing to do ?”
The Enormous Crocodile always answers :
“I have secret plans and clever tricks to eat a child.”

After a long trip in the jungle, the Enormous Crocodile arrives at a place where there are a lot of coconut trees.
His first clever trick is to grasp the coconuts in this front paws and stands straight up in the air, balancing himself on this tail. Soon, two children come along.
“Oh look !” cries Toto “That tree over there is much smaller than the others ! And it’s full of coconuts ! I think I could climb that one quite easily if you help me up the first bit.”
At this time Humpy-Rumpy, the Hippopotamus arrives and charges straight at the Enormous Crocodile and shouts “run away, run away !”

His second clever trick is to lay across an enormous piece of wood to look exactly like a see-saw. When school is over, the children all come running on to the playground.
“Oh look !” cry children “We’ve got a new see-saw !”
“I want to go first !” says one of them.
Fortunately Muggle-Wump, the Monkey arrives and cries :
“Run away, run away ! That’s not a see-saw ! It’s the Enormous Crocodile and he wants to eat you up !”

The Enormous Crocodile is very hungry now.
“I shall have to eat at least four children now before I full up !” says the Enormous Crocodile.

His third clever trick is to creep up on a roundabout and put himself between a lion and a dragon. One of the children says “I’m going to ride on that funny old wooden crocodile.”
Fortunately, Roly-Poly, the Bird arrives and sings ”Look out Jill ! Look out, run away ! Don’t ride on that crocodile ! It’s not a wooden crocodile !”

His fourth clever trick is to put away a bench in a Picnic Place and puts himself in the place where the bench was. Some children arrive.
“Which table shall we sit at ?” says one.
Suddenly a big deep voice from the jungle shouts “Stand back, children ! Stand back ! Stand back !”
It was Trunky, the Elephant.

Trunky begins to swing the Enormous Crocodile round and round in the air. At first, he swings him slowly, then fast, very fast and very very fast.
Suddenly, Trunky lets go of the Enormous Crocodile’s tail, and the crocodile goes shouting high up into the sky like huge green rocket. The Enormous Crocodile crashes headfirst into the hot hot sun.

Adapted by Emmanuelle Parmentier and Hélène Ouvrard (PE2 2005/2006)

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