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>>Mr Tall and Mr Small

26 juin 2006

Barbara Brenner

One was big.
One was small.
Mouse was short.
Giraffe was tall.
Mouse was hardly there at all-
They called him Small.
Giraffe was tannish.
Mouse was gray,
Mouse liked night
Giraffe liked day,
Giraffe could see three miles away-
They called him Tall.
One Tuesday they met beneath a wild fig tree-

Mr S. and Mr.T.
“Hello down there !
I never saw a thing so small ! you can’t be real !” said Mr. Tall.
“Hello yourself ! Are you the chimney from a house ?”said Mr Small.
“It’s too bad you’re not big like me, I can pick myself a lunch” said Tall.

Sure you can eat, but can you crawl into a hole like me ?”the mouse replied.
“I’ve been designed so cleverly, I’ve brought my hiding place with Me.”, said tall.
“I‘m quicker and slicker.”
“I’m longer and stronger.”
“Smarter !” “Faster !” “Better !” “Greater !” said Tall and Small.
And so they argued, and were so busy neither one could see, or hear, or smell the danger coming.

A hunter somewhere quite close by, had dropped a lighted match !
At last they felt the heat. They saw the fire all around. “Oh help !” cried Tall and Small.
Just then the mouse bent his small head. “I think I hear a noise”, he said.
“The animals are running west !”
“I’ll take a look from here” said Tall, “yes, yes, Small you’re right ! There is a lake on the western side. That’s the way we can escape.”
They ran, and ran.

Until they found the lake, and they both jumped in.
“We’re safe at last” they said.
“I must declare, I’m so glad that you were there to save me” said Mr Small.
“We’re safe because you are so small. You heard the sound of running.” said Mr Tall.
“It was your height helped us to see the lake. I think you’re great !”
“And I think you’re swell !”
“I think you look very well that size, you’re so long and strong ...!”
“You’re so small and neat...” “You’re just...” “You’re so....” “You’re perfect for a mouse” “You’re right for a giraffe”
One was big.
One was small.
One was tiny.
One was tall.
One was hardly there at all- Mr Tall and Mr Small.

Once upon a time, there were a tall giraffe and a small mouse in a forest. They meet themselves and criticize each other.

The giraffe and the mouse speak about the advantages of their size.

While speaking, they do not pay attention to the fire light by the hunter.

Because of their size, the mouse can hear the noise of animals running west and the giraffe can see a way to escape.

Thanks to their size, they escape to the fire and they finally congratulate each other.

Adapted by Gérard Savary-Malapaya and Séverine Dazin (PE2 2005/2006)

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